Contactless technology. Enhanced safety

Tappit’s technology promotes a safer environment for fans and staff alike.

Why cashless promotes safer events

It’s not just about enhanced payment experiences, Tappit’s cashless system keeps your fans healthy, safe and happy.

Going cashless with Tappit RFID or Mobile Pay minimises human contact, cuts down queues, alleviates pressure points, and reassures fans and staff. It reduces the number of personal belongings at venues, minimises theft and risk of fraud.

Use Tappit to support social distancing

Reduce the risk of transmitting infection by eliminating the need for handling belongings.

With transactions up to 80% faster, Tappit’s contactless payments mean less time waiting in line, less physical contact and transactions at a greater distance. With our cashless technology, the risk of transmitting infection is vastly reduced.

Improve crowd flow. Minimise pressure points

Give your fans more space to breathe at your next event.

Going cashless reduces queues, risk of crowd crush and minimises a buildup of people in small spaces. That’s less time for your fans to be waiting in close proximity, while making buying quicker, safer and easier.

Tappit Mobile Pay

Set a new standard in fan experiences. Tappit Mobile Pay is a safe, fast and easy way to pay, whether you have an existing app or not. Find out what makes Mobile Pay the safest payment solution for fans, and the most valuable data source for events organisers, venues and promoters.

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