Why choose Tappit’s cashless RFID payments system?

Cashless events and venues aren’t the future, they’re the here and now. With Tappit, your RFID payments can be up and running quickly and we’ll complement your existing tech stack allowing you to focus maximising revenue and delivering a best-in-class experience for your customers.

Be totally fan-focused with Tappit Insights

Improve fan experience, profitability and success with data. With Tappit Insights, you can get a complete view of each and every fan's purchases and behaviours. Your events are more efficient, your fans are more engaged, your sponsors get great ROI and your profits are driven to the max.

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Delivering powerful ROI

With Tappit’s cashless RFID system, you maximise sales, reduce operational costs and improve the entire fan experience.

It couldn't be easier to go cashless using our RFID technology. Our cashless payments system doesn’t require a complex integration or an infrastructure overhaul. Once you’re up and running with cashless RFID payments, you’re in control of your own financial financial ecosystem, and can continually benefit from the valuable fan insights.

Delivering powerful ROI

Keep your visitors’ money secure

The Tappit cashless RFID payments solution makes going to an event safer and easier for everyone. At the same time, you increase revenue, reduce costs and provide a seamless experience.

With faster payments and frictionless experiences, allow your fans to spend more time having fun and less time standing in line.

Keep your visitors’ money secure

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Map the most popular and profitable products and activities at your venue, to maximise opportunities and revenue at future events.

Your users can top up their cashless funds onto a RFID card or RFID wristband via a website, app, or at the venue, and pay seamlessly at your event. With the insights gathered from their movements, you can market directly to fans, based on behaviour and spending habits.

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RFID revenue calculator

Find out how going cashless with RFID could improve your bottom line. Try our RFID revenue calculator.

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