people using our system – and counting.



average uplift in sales from working with Tappit.



average cashless credit loaded.

Make it a great experience for your fans. Build even better relationships

We improve your operational efficiencies from stock management right through to crowd flow and staffing.

Our system makes it easy for your audience to make purchases. Transactions can be up to 80% faster. Our data gives you the insight to create targeted marketing to grow your relationship with your fans and ultimately grow your profits. Tappit provides everything you need to improve all aspects of your event. Through a combination of event delivery experience and rich data sources, we provide all you need to make your event more successful.

Make it a great experience for your fans

Easy, tech-light implementation

The technology is designed to complement your existing infrastructure. We work closely with your team to make it happen quickly and efficiently.

Tappit delivers value right from the off.

Our system doesn't require an overhaul to your existing infrastructure, or complicated set up requiring a multitude of integrations. We will work closely with your Operations team to ensure a swift and effective deployment.

Easy, tech-light implementation

Dedicated account management

You’ll benefit from the expertise of a full-time account manager.

At Tappit, we are here to support your business. We understand events and most importantly, we are passionate about making events even better - because we are fans ourselves. Our dedicated account management team is here to provide best-in-class support and advice throughout the event lifecycle, helping you make the most of our product and most importantly, make your event even more successful.

We will provide support whenever you need it, ensuring that you maximise your event both operationally and financially.

Dedicated account management

Fresh ideas and expertise

We give you more than just a cashless system.

Using your data and the resulting insights, we help you improve your events.

We help you understand and contextualise your data, giving you the power to refine your operations and focus on delivering incredible experiences. From tracking footfall and sales through to inventory management - you will get valuable insights to help you improve your bottom line.

Fresh ideas and expertise

Bespoke customer service

Tappit delivers best in class customer service.

Tappit provides a global, white label customer service to fit any event, saving you hassle and resource.

Our staff are experts in the Tappit product and provide fast and efficient support for all cashless enquiries.

Bespoke customer service

We're shortlisted for the best event industry awards

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