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Unlock the power of Tappit Insights

Tappit Insights gives you a 360 view of every fan. We provide easy-to-use, actionable data and insights that can be accessed in real-time. You can see exactly what’s happening on the ground and make fast, real-time adjustments to improve the fan experience on site.

Unlike your POS reports – our platform connects purchases to the fan – so you can leverage the data to offer targeted incentives and discounts.

Data directly in your hands

Providing the business insights and consumer analytics that traditional contactless solutions don't.

Tappit's solutions always provide transparent transaction data. By overseeing your fans’ spending journey and keeping hold of the relevant data, you can benefit from valuable business insights that aren’t provided by Visa, Mastercard, Apple and Google Pay.

Data directly in your hands

Enhanced spend analysis

Granular sales data to inform your stock and vendor management decisions.

Unlike POS reports, we connect the spend to your actual customers. Find out who spent what, when and where, as well as what works and what doesn’t. The data brings you closer to your fans, enhances their experiences, boosts your bottom line and helps you make the best business decisions.

 Enhanced spend analysis

A consultative approach

Dig deeper into the market and your data.

For a more in depth look at the data, our data team goes behind the scenes to highlight the metrics you should pay attention to. Data is nothing without context. We use industry insights and advanced user profiling and segmentation so you can benchmark and elevate your events.

A consultative approach

Real-time reporting dashboard

For the first time, you can connect your data to gain a view of each and every fan — not just the ticket buyer. Understand how to build loyalty, engage fans and grow your bottom line.

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