Sports Grounds

The number of cashless stadiums and venues continues to grow as organisations realise the benefits and fans come to expect a touch-free experience.

Hotels and resorts

The travel industry was hit hard by the global pandemic. Going cashless provides hotels and resorts a huge opportunity to not only recover but to thrive in the new normal.


Drive down costs, maximise revenue and provide everyone with a safe and more convenient way to pay on gameday and across campus.

Clubs and Music Venues

Tappit is the perfect partner to take your club or music venue cashless. Make sure your fans can focus on the music and the experience.


With cashless payments recognised as best practice for festivals across the globe, now is the time to make the move. Make your festival experience easier, faster, safer and more profitable.

Casino Resorts

There's a huge opportunity for pioneering casinos, resorts and horse racing meets to reap the rewards from going cashless.

Theme Parks

The visitor attraction industry is embracing cashless payments with more and more theme parks and attractions realising the benefits for park owners and guests alike.

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