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Blanco y Negro Music

UNITE with Tomorrowland Barcelona

“We were looking for a partner with a great reputation to enhance our cashless festival experience. Tappit was the clear choice. Not only were we impressed by Tappit’s expertise, but also the insights into our attendee behaviour that their solutions offer. These insights will help us continually improve the experience for the fans, and we are looking forward to working with Tappit over the next three years.”

Verònica Casas
CEO of Blanco y Negro Music

UNITE With Tomorrowland is set to be a wonderful summer gathering.

Visitors can dive into a magical world with a massive DJ line up on stage and the unique live satellite connection with the Tomorrowland Belgium mainstage.

The live connection with Tomorrowland Mainstage in Belgium gives the People of Tomorrow the chance to connect with the visitors on the holy grounds in Belgium and vice versa. The show in  all UNITE With Tomorrowland countries will be live streamed in other countries to enhance the connected feeling. Adding this extra dimension to the event with a live & interactive feed into Tomorrowland, will create a unique event.

3 Mainstage headliners will be broadcasted live on a unique UNITE With Tomorrowland stage on the 27th of July 2019. Special effects are synchronised with the show in Belgium adding value to the global connection.

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