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Leopallooza Festival is a multi-award-winning, grassroots music festival that celebrates the very best in new, up-and-coming and established bands, artists and DJs within our bespoke festival site which is nestled in a hidden, tree-filled Cornish valley, just a few miles from the sea.

The greatest house a field

Executive Summary: 

In addition to streamlining their payment systems with the cashless offering, Leopallooza leveraged their brand to engage their audience with an exciting announcement campaign. With this, Leopallooza saw:

  • 9,118 transactions processed by Tappit
  • £79,187.50 in load transactions
  • £68,272.95 in sales transactions
  • 3,800 views on the Wylde Bucks announcement video on Facebook
  • Nearly 6,000 views across their treasure hunt videos on Facebook


Leopallooza made a splash with their announcement of Wylde Bucks, the festival’s new RFID payment system. By incorporating their unique and recognisable brand into the system and the pre-event marketing and communications, festival organisers creatively spread the cashless message and engaged their audience before and after the event. With a quirky mascot (a stag dubbed the Right Honourable Buchanan “Buck” Wyldington, Esq.) and a crazy treasure hunt across Devon and Cornwall, Wylde Bucks was a success from start to finish.

Challenges and Objectives:

As with any greenfield festival, Leopallooza was concerned about the ease with which their patrons could make purchases onsite. Cash machines are clunky and inconvenient (and often come with sky-high fees), and internet connectivity can be notoriously unreliable, making credit card machines unstable. To mitigate these risks and enhance the customer experience, Leopallooza gave customers RFID wristbands where they could load credit to make purchases – no cash machine or sitewide WiFi required.


  • Convenience for attendees. Even when the internet went down (which is all too common for camp-style festivals), Leopallooza attendees could make purchases effortlessly using Wylde Bucks. In fact, Wylde Bucks transactions were even faster than credit card transactions would have been. As many attendees camp at the site for the weekend, it was crucial that they could make purchases at any time to ensure they had everything they needed for the best possible experience.
  • Insights for event organisers. Prior to introducing Wylde Bucks, festival organisers weren’t able to collect much information about their vendors beyond overall sales amounts. With the RFID system, they could see which of their vendors sold what, helping them better identify what their customers enjoyed most about the festival.
  • Innovator status. Leopallooza has always said they want to feel more like an independent nation instead of a festival. Customised currency helped them make their world more immersive and more memorable for their guests.