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“Cashless has always been our standard approach, but the Tappit team has provided us with the business confidence more than the other cashless companies we’ve spoken to. The solution, system, communication processes and operational procedures were all so simple from start to end, which really made all the difference when working with an event with limited lead time. We look forward to working with Tappit again for our future events.”

Jodie Yap
Senior Content Programming & Ticketing Manager

Pico, a global leader in total brand activation, partnered with a new client to manage and promote their festival. The festival showcases an array of contemporary experiences and activities from entertainment and interactive family areas to exceptional outdoor experiences for visitors. Pico was determined to blend the use of creative technologies and real-life engagements to transform the brand and event experiences.

Challenges and Objectives:

Pico is no stranger to going cashless, as cashless is a prevailing system for the events they run. For this particular festival, Pico approached two different cashless companies to find the right partner that could help them lift the load from their shoulders with very narrow lead time to deliver the event. Tappit, having worked with local, international and global brands, was recommended to the client and was approached to join the selection process.

The client understood the benefits of cashless, including operational productivity, increased profitability, enhanced customer experience and valuable insights they would get from using an RFID system. But in this particular case and with less than 3 weeks to deliver the cashless solution, they required a partner that could work efficiently, simply and effectively within the restrictive timeframe they had.

Pico, a global brand that normally specialises in B2B exhibitions and conferences, decided to work with Tappit because of the business confidence that the Tappit team provided them. Making a new mark in the B2C space with this large festival was important for the client as they are looking to grow in the festival and live event sectors. As such, there was very little room for error.


  • Increased spend. Going cashless with Tappit has contributed to the increase in average spend per head compared to the previous year.
  • Operational simplicity and efficiency. With various types of entertainment and activities involving customers and unpredictable weather conditions, going cashless gave Pico the opportunity to ensure a positive customer experience. While the weather wasn’t ideal for parts of the festival, storms didn’t dampen the fun as a result of the cashless system – customers didn’t have to worry about scrounging around their wallets for the right change in the rain and vendors were unconcerned about any of their takings being blown away. Further, Tappit’s RFID wristbands are waterproof, allowing families to swim and use water toys without concern for their cash getting soaked. The Tappit team, with the vast experience in helping organisers making the most of cashless, also provided end-to-end support to ensure efficient work and customer flows.
  • Eliminated manual work and human error. With thousands of transactions, the Tappit RFID system significantly reduced the amount of analogue work required in the reconciliation process, which also left less room for human error. 

Simplified systems, productive partnerships and exceptional support. The main deciding factors that made the client chose Tappit over other cashless companies were the professionalism and solution-focused approach that the team had – which was especially important as the client was inexperienced in the festival sector. Even when the answer to the client query was a ‘no,’ Tappit always tried to provide other suggestions and alternatives, making the client’s job simpler.