Tappit Mobile Pay

Safe. Frictionless. Simple.
Your white label digital wallet.

A digital wallet within your own fan app

Fans connect their choice of payment to your white labelled digital wallet.

Tappit Mobile Pay works with any payment processing partner. This provides all the functionality of a digital wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay, but inside your own mobile app and YOU get the data. Fans benefit from linking their chosen payment method or bank card for a frictionless experience whilst invaluable customer insights are delivered to you directly.

A white label digital web wallet

No app? No problem, we have a mobile pay solution for you.

Even if you don’t have your own app, your fans can still access a white label appless wallet in their browser. Fans scan QR codes at your venue to access their wallet. The wallet works in the same way as the integrated app wallet, and you STILL get access to all the data, while fans get a frictionless event experience.

Improve your event's profitability by eliminating any guesswork and relying on the data

Streamline cash flow. Boost your takings. Delight the fans.

Guests can preload funds or pay as they go with our white-label mobile pay solution. This easy and lightning-fast way to pay, reduces queues and means your fans will spend more time enjoying the event. Tappit Mobile Pay boosts your profits, sponsorship opportunities and makes your operations even more efficient.

Create top-level customer loyalty

Communicate with your fans in ways that matter most to them. Maximise their engagement so both you and your sponsors are capitalising on every opportunity.

Business intelligence is key to growing your bottom line. With Tappit Mobile Pay, you’re actively gathering customer data with every choice your fans make, whilst continually improving their fan experience. Tappit Mobile Pay delivers benchmarking and event crossover insights, and helps you learn what works (and what doesn’t) for your next big event.

Be totally fan-focused with Tappit Insights

Data is the backbone to improving your venue’s popularity, profitability and success. With the right insights, you understand who is buying what, when and why. Your events are more efficient, your fans are more engaged, and your takings are driven to the max.

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