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Cashless payments technology makes holidays hassle-free

Cashless gives hotels a huge new opportunity

In this post we look at why going cashless will help hotels and resorts to recover from the impact of the global pandemic and how they can thrive in the new normal.

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Mobile pay for hotels and resorts

Integrate with your hotel app or use our standalone app-free web wallet

It’s simple to integrate our white-label mobile payment solution into a mobile app. And if you don't have your own app, your guests can still access a white-label web wallet in their browser.

Either way, it's a seamless, frictionless experience for fans. As it’s technology agnostic, it will integrate fully with your existing tech stack. Delivering a payment ecosystem offering rich data with actionable insights.

Tappit Mobile Pay

RFID for hotels and resorts

Payment technology implemented into a card or a wearable device

With RFID, your guests can pre-load credit to spend onto a RFID card or wristband. Poor wifi isn’t an issue as this technology works offline.

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