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Festival Report

We surveyed the opinions of 1000 festival goers to understand their frustrations, concerns and spending habits when attending festivals.

The Tappit Festival Report

Cashless RFID for festivals

A complete festival solution

Often the cashless technology of choice for festivals. Fans simply tap their branded wristband or card to pay for drinks, food, merchandise and more. Seamlessly manage entry, crowd flow and understand footfall in real-time. Improve hygiene by removing cash and making your festival covid-secure. Delight your fans by reducing queues and speeding up transactions.

Cashless RFID
technology can change events

Mobile Pay for festivals

Integrate with your own fan app or use our standalone app-free web wallet

Mobile Pay will integrate seamlessly with your existing mobile app for a truly frictionless experience for festival goers. And if you don't have your own app, your fans can still access a white-label appless wallet in their browser. Either way, contactless payments, venue access control, loyalty and ticketing can be possible in one mobile ecosystem.

Understand the behaviour of every single fan and use these powerful insights to create an unforgettable experience that will make them come back for more.

Tappit Mobile Pay
Mobile pay

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