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The Last Stand

“The Tappit team did a great job, successfully implementing the system only 8 days before the start of the Last Stand Football Fan Park. Going cashless with Tappit increased my sales, minimised the hassle of reconciliation and helped us make the most of our inventory allowing our team to focus our energies on delivering the best quality event possible. I would recommend working with Tappit”

Mark Gullickson
Event Manager, Last Stand Football Fan Park


Last Stand Football Fan Park (LSFFP) was an event where people could come and enjoy the World Cup on big screens in Dubai. The event ran across a whole month with 26 active days and well over 30,000 people attending.

The need

LSFFP started planning the event about 3 months prior to the World Cup – but then decided not to go ahead, as the original venue wasn’t yet ready. However, in early July they decided to launch in a different venue, so the team had only a couple of weeks to get ready. Going cashless was always part of the plan for LSFFP, however the choice was between physical paper vouchers and cashless cards.

Tappit solutions

Tappit offered a full cashless implementation within only 8 days throughout the event with a number of features and benefits.

1. Reporting

Compared to when using a token system, you lose control of information. We wanted to be able to track customer information, inventory and sales data.

2. Fraud Management

Because the event ran across a month, Tappit’s solved the problem that token system usually faces; fraud. Especially when the venue was packed, Tappit lifted much of pressure from the staff.

3. Speed of service

Going cashless with Tappit allows the bar and service staff to focus on delivering a much higher level, and speed, of service to the customer as they do not need to handle cash, credit cards or tills.

The results

Every second counts when you’re running an event like this, and Tappit sped up the process. And it wasn’t just about serving people faster, LSFFP were able to track inventory and sales and maximise their revenue.

1. Boosting sales

Tappit enabled LSFFP to see what was selling in real-time and rapidly implement promotions to boost sales. LSFFP were able to add different items into the menu and do spot promotions and happy hours when they saw how well certain drinks were selling. It was easy to set up special items on the menu.

2. Real-time inventory management

Being able to see real-time sales meant that LSFFP could do the re-orders the same night and have our deliveries the next day – without the need for a stock take. It really saved them time and helped maximise sales.

3. Saving time
Reconciliations at the end of the night became incredibly fast and easy. LSFFP had 12 cashiers and the reconciliations took a maximum of 15 minutes, with minimal variance.