Reasons to choose Tappit

  • Our customers on average increase their takings by 22%
  • 360 degree customer insights delivered to you directly, so you can tailor your marketing, experiences and future events like never before
  • Fewer valuables onsite means your events will be at a lower risk of theft and fraud 
  • Cashless payments keep staff and guests safe from COVID-19, by minimising human contact and money handling
  • A range of cashless solutions – RFID, white label mobile app, appless or even a hybrid solution
  • Integration with any technology partner

“Having a cashless solution has been really beneficial for BCFC. We’re starting to get a much better understanding of our fanbase. Partnering with Tappit has also added another level of credentials to us as a football club – BCFC is proud to say that we’ve gone cashless, and it’s enhanced our reputation as a club.”

Ian Dutton
Chief Commercial Officer, Birmingham City FC

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Reasons to go cashless with Tappit


Improved fan experience

º Shorter queues (80% faster)
º Less to carry, less to lose
º Ability to set budgets inc for juniors
º Personalised offers
º Combined entry and payment system
º Enhanced safety
º Digital voucher offers


Increased Profitability

º 22% increase in takings
º Improved cashflow
º Reduce theft and fraud
º Increase sponsorship
º No cash management
º Market to EVERY attendee
º Make operational savings



º Profile EVERY fan (not just the ticket buyer)
º Who spent and sold what, when and where
º What works, what doesn’t
º Recognise your most valuable customers
º Improve customer flow
º Benchmarking
º Identify crossover venue attendees

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