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Tappit’s fan survey – finding out what people really think

The results are in! Tappit has run its first fan satisfaction survey. We asked 2600 end users for their feedback on our white-label mobile pay solutions. The results provide some great insights into fan behaviours and preferences.

Organisations who are contemplating going cashless and those who want to drive mobile wallet adoption should find these results full of actionable insights that will help to shape future digital wallet adoption strategies. Here are a few of the big learnings:

Digital communications are key to driving mobile pay adoption.

When asked where fans heard about their team’s mobile pay solution – 76% recalled the digital communication that they received – a team email, posts on social, content on the website or an in-app push notification for example. It is no surprise that digital media has had a huge impact on driving adoption.

What makes it even easier for organisations to manage is that the messaging can be timed to just before the game, or even the night before – so that fans can get ready for the big day. By tracking the different communication channels, their open rates and which messages resonate – teams can get even smarter about how to drive usage.

Secondly, because consumers are increasingly mobile first, fans are much more likely to pick up their messages on their phone. So make sure there are clear calls to action to either register or download the mobile wallet – it will improve adoption and make it even easier for fans to sign up.

Give the mobile wallet a prominent position within your app

When you’re incorporating a mobile wallet into your app, it is vital to ensure it is easy for users to find in the navigation. Make the wallet easy to find and people will use it. In the survey, almost a quarter of fans (23%) discovered the wallet through browsing their team’s app.

Fans have a lot of reasons to want to use mobile pay

Every fan is different, so mix up the messaging. Our survey suggests that ease of use and convenience is the number one reason to use a white label mobile pay solution – with 28% of fans choosing this. However – safety (15%), reducing contact (14%) and less items to carry on the day (10%) – were close runners up.

Age ain’t nothing but a number

An incredibly interesting point is that the fans surveyed were not ‘digital natives’. In fact, 85% of respondents were 36 years or older, with nearly two thirds (62%) in the 46 years and older category. This is in line with the recent survey about usage of QR codes that proved that age is not a barrier to adoption.

So, how did fans rate using Tappit’s mobile pay solution?

We couldn’t be more proud of these results:

Tappit Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021

86% of users were extremely likely or likely to use the mobile pay solution again. Proving that once you have raised awareness, communicated benefits and then created reasons to try the mobile pay product – people are really happy to use it.

77% of users rated the overall experience of using the mobile pay solution good or excellent.

86% found it easy to add and register a card.

79% rated speed of payment with the mobile pay solution as good or excellent.

So whether you are keen to understand how to maximise adoption of mobile pay and why a white label digital wallet can deliver real value for your organisation and customers – we think these results speak for themselves. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help make your events and venues even more successful, or simply want to try out our product – get in touch.

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