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Ann WilkinsonSep 23, 2021 4:13:01 PM1 min read

Planning an event for 2023? Now is the optimal time to go cashless

2022 has seen events and venues in recovery mode. The industry has started to re-build in the wake of the global pandemic. Pent-up demand saw many festivals selling out in record time.

Whilst some organisers are focussing on delivering festivals and events for winter, the majority of promoters are already starting to plan and get 2023 on-sales ready.

We’ve implemented cashless solutions for many events and festivals all around the world. Our experience throughout the years has shown us that the most successful event organisers decide to go cashless before the tickets even go on sale. Choosing to go cashless months in advance of your event means you can plan better and make your festival even more profitable.

Key Takeaway: Give yourself a longer lead time to implement a cashless solution and your event can be even more successful

These are the reasons why a longer lead time in going cashless will deliver more to your bottom line:

  1. The price of the cashless solution can be built into the ticket price, meaning that you can effectively get our solution for free.
  2. With a longer run in time – you can create new sponsorship opportunities for brands working with you – from wristband branding through to interactive offers, unique zones and targeted marketing. With our extensive experience in live events, we can help you create these opportunities.
  3. Fans get a longer opportunity to preload their accounts and budget – this gives you a clear idea of what spend will look like and how you can ensure you drive the most revenue on-site.
  4. With a longer run in time – you can weave cashless messaging and guides and ensure crowd flow is optimal. Create great incentives and choose the right positions for the top up booths on site.

2022 (while no doubt better than 2021) has been a somewhat fragile recovery for the live events industry. Whilst the global economic challenges will continue to impact on next year, there is also huge pent up demand. We think that 2023 will be incredible. There is a massive opportunity for promoters to make 2023 an unforgettable time for their fans as well as being financially successful. Don’t miss this chance!