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Ann WilkinsonJan 27, 2020 11:53:02 AM1 min read

Why advancing technologies will make 2020 festivals the safest yet

Tappit Global CEO Jason Thomas recently wrote an article for Top Business Tech discussing emerging event technology that stands to make festivals safer and more enjoyable than ever before. To check out the full piece, click here, or keep reading for a quick overview of his predictions.



As CEO of Tappit, it’s no surprise that Jason included RFID on his list of tech that will make events safer. Of course, RFID cashless payments reduce theft and fraud, but there is also a myriad of safety features that can be integrated into the system to increase its value even more. New and improved safety features include emergency contact storage and ‘yellow card’ functionality, through which event staff can block purchases of age-restricted menu items to support responsible consumption. 


Facial Recognition Scanning

While controversial, facial recognition scanning may prove to be a powerful safety tool for event organisers in the coming years. As with any large-scale event, festivals have the potential to draw illegal and dangerous activity that can pose a threat to public safety. By using machine learning, biometric surveillance has the power to identify behaviours that indicate risk, helping security and law enforcement manage crowd safety more effectively. Of course, this technology is nowhere near perfect and comes with its drawbacks, but Thomas expects to see big improvements moving forward.



It finally feels like we’re reaching the tipping point of the long-awaited 5G takeover. Once it’s widely available, 5G will play an instrumental role in boosting fan engagement and enhancing their festival experiences. From augmented and virtual reality to improved social connectivity, 5G will not only make festivals more fun, but will also ensure effective channels of communication for attendees and staff alike. 

When it comes to festivals of the future, the fundamental mentality should be the safer the better. By harnessing new technologies and developing pre-existing ones, 2020 festivals will be more secure, more seamless and even more memorable, for all the right reasons.