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Ann WilkinsonJul 20, 2021 8:06:30 AM1 min read

Tappit Signs Two Music Festivals as a Summer of Cashless Live Events is on the Horizon

LEEDS, England — July 20, 2021 – Tappit, the global cashless and data experts, today announced partnerships with 51st State Festival and Metrofest to benefit festival goers returning to large gatherings and experiences this summer. 

As demand for cashless and contactless payments continues to accelerate, Tappit’s solutions offer a seamless experience for consumers to purchase food, drinks and merchandise, while festival organisers can use the data collected by Tappit to understand their audiences and personalise consumer engagement, bespoke offers, initiatives and communications.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Tappit to ensure a smooth and safe transition as restrictions ease,” said Michael Hughes, the CEO of 51st State Festival. “We’re seeing a huge pent up demand for a return to live events and festivals and Tappit’s technology will help minimise contact, speed up transactions and ensure a great fan experience for both 51st State Festival and Metrofest.”

Tappit’s cashless RFID solution will help the festivals minimise the amount of contact between festival goers and staff during the events, allowing for a safer overall experience. The risk of fraud and theft is also reduced, as all payment information will be kept securely in apps, eliminating the need for fans to carry cards or cash with them during day long festivities.

“With the re-opening of the festivals and live events, our priority is to help keep everyone safe and make the fan experience as hassle-free as possible,” said Tappit’s CEO, Jason Thomas. “As fans ourselves, we have missed live events and are proud to be a part of helping festivals get back to doing what they do best, while providing a stress-free and safe return for all. We know there is more competition than ever to attract fans and ensure events are sustainable – so we’re excited to help boost revenues and ensure that festivals have valuable data and insights, in turn helping maximise fan loyalty and sponsorship opportunities. As a result, teams will be able to provide their visitors with an even better fan experience both now and in the years to come.”