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Ann WilkinsonNov 18, 2021 1:22:23 PM2 min read

Rose Bowl Stadium Teams up With Tappit to go Cashless

DALLAS, TX – November 18, 2021 – Tappit, the cashless experts, providing global payment and data ecosystems for sports, events, stadiums and venues, today announced a partnership with the iconic Rose Bowl Stadium. The partnership will help the fans experience through the implementation of Tappit’s white label web wallet – an appless mobile payment solution, enabling organizations to implement cashless payment solutions without having a mobile app.

Tappit’s technology will allow Rose Bowl Stadium visitors to make purchases using only their cell phone. Using a simple QR code, fans can seamlessly pay for their food, drinks and merchandise quickly and efficiently – without the need for wallets or cards. “With Tappit’s white-label web wallet, we’re able to minimize person-to-person contact while still giving fans an exceptional experience. We’ll be able to get a clear view of every single guest and their preferences and understand in greater depth how to make their experience exceptional. This way, we can build better relationships, personalize experiences and make our fans feel at home each and every time they attend our events.” said Jens Weiden, Chief Revenue Officer of the Rose Bowl Stadium.

The solutions provided by Tappit minimize the amount of contact between visitors and staff as the industry continues to bring in-person events back. “At Tappit, we’re fans first, and we’ve already seen how the current climate has dramatically changed the sports and entertainment industries,” said Tappit’s CEO, Jason Thomas. “Teaming up with one of the most iconic US venues that plays host to college football, concerts, flea markets, international soccer and more, Tappit will provide that clean and seamless payment experience, whilst equipping Rose Bowl Stadium with powerful customer insights and data other payment methods can’t provide. This makes it possible for them to really understand their fans, boost revenues and improve the experience all around.”

At a time when in-person interactions are limited, sports teams and live event brands around the world are trusting Tappit with ensuring fans and staff alike still have a great experience as they make their return, all while increasing profits and delivering invaluable data. With multiple partnerships with Major League teams in the U.S. alone, Tappit is providing a cleaner, more seamless payment experience, while equipping brands with invaluable customer insights and data that are impossible to gather through traditional payment methods. 

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