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Tappit Aligns with Learfield IMG College

Tappit, the global cashless and data experts, today announced a multi-year strategic relationship with Learfield IMG College, a leading media and technology services company in intercollegiate athletics. This marks Tappit’s first foray into the college landscape, providing an avenue for Tappit’s white-label cashless, touchless mobile solutions to benefit fans returning to live gameday experiences this fall.

Tappit’s technology offers a seamless experience for fans to purchase food, drinks and merchandise, while colleges can use this data to understand their audience and personalize consumer engagement, bespoke offers, initiatives and communications. Tappit’s mobile wallet, appless and RFID solutions will help universities minimize the amount of contact between fans and staff on game days, allowing for a safer overall experience. The risk of fraud and theft is also reduced, as all payment information will be kept securely in apps, eliminating the need for fans to carry cards or cash with them to games.

“We’re excited to be working with Learfield IMG College to help make the live event experience even better,” said Tappit’s CEO, Jason Thomas. “Our first priority is to ensure a safe, frictionless payment experience for all fans, students and alumni so that everyone feels comfortable supporting their teams in person. We are proud to provide our services to the college marketplace, and we’re eager to equip schools with powerful data and insights to create even more engaging and rewarding experiences.”

Learfield IMG College, through its multimedia rights relationships with university athletic departments across the country, will introduce Tappit’s range of touchless payment solutions to schools as they explore ways to enhance the post-pandemic fan experience with higher-capacity stadiums and arenas expected. Tappit’s white-label, agnostic solution will be seamlessly integrated into each college’s respective game day apps.

Universities that engage with Tappit have the ability to connect payment and purchasing behavior to each individual attendee that helps create a robust data ecosystem for each university. The data and insights collected enable colleges and universities to better understand their audiences, maximize revenues and improve operations all while improving the overall student experience on campus. By reviewing this type of data, universities can also ensure that future operations are as efficient as possible.

Tappit will work with each college partner to utilize assets from Learfield IMG College’s multimedia portfolio and school specific rights to drive adoption of the product and help schools promote and communicate the benefits of touchless payment solutions to their fan base. As an additional benefit of working with Tappit, existing university sponsors will have an opportunity to gain additional insights into fan behavior and be better positioned to enhance their target consumers’ gameday experience.

“We’re thrilled to work with Tappit and introduce them to our school partners, as we highlight premier technology providers in the contactless payment space to enhance fan engagement on game days,” said Learfield IMG College EVP National Sales Andrew Judelson. “Their capability to deliver robust data and insights to our schools is tremendous. To be able to understand every fan’s purchasing preferences and behaviors in real time, eventually combined with our existing Fanbase data, will be a real game changer and enable schools to be that much smarter about their fans.”

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