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Ann WilkinsonMar 1, 2021 1:14:18 PM2 min read

San Antonio Spurs and Tappit Partner to Take AT&T Center Cashless

Tappit, the global payment and data ecosystem for sports, events, stadiums and venues, today announced a multi-year partnership with the San Antonio Spurs. The partnership, which marks Tappit’s first with an NBA team and third with a U.S. major league sports team, will help safely bring Spurs fans back into AT&T Center with the implementation of safe and seamless contactless mobile payment technology.

Tappit will provide its white-label mobile payment technology for fans through the Spur’s official app, which will allow fans to make purchases using only their cell phone. Fans can link their preferred payment method to the app to enjoy a frictionless experience at concession and merchandise stands throughout the stadium to purchase food, drinks and merchandise quickly and efficiently. It also makes it easier than ever for teams to connect with fans, as those using the app also receive personalised vouchers, incentives and loyalty points. Most importantly, the data and insights delivered by the platform will help the Spurs maximise the fan experience and ensure operations are as efficient as possible.

“Health and safety are at the forefront of all our fan experience upgrades this year, so we are very excited to introduce the AT&T Center as a cashless venue for Spurs games” said Brandon Gayle, the Spurs’ EVP of Revenue, Brand and Communication. “We trust Tappit to help us create a safer environment for fans, staff and players alike. We are proud to be able to take our safety precautions one step further with the implementation of cashless payments, which minimises person-to-person contact while also improving fan experience.”

As the Spurs prepare to open the AT&T Center under new health and safety guidelines, the solutions provided by Tappit minimise the amount of contact between fans and staff, allowing for a much cleaner experience that limits the possibility of passing germs between one another. The cashless solution also reduces the risk of fraud and theft, as all payment information is kept securely within the team’s app and fans do not have the added worry of carrying additional cards or cash.

“Our priority is to keep everyone safe as they’re easing back into large venues and live events this year,” said Tappit’s CEO, Jason Thomas. “Here at Tappit, we recently conducted a survey of American sports fans to learn more about their confidence levels around returning to live events. With more than a quarter of Americans indicating they’re comfortable enough to attend events in-person in the next six months, we’re certainly excited for the future — but we know it’s more important than ever to take as many safety precautions as possible in order to ensure a stress-free return for fans. One of the most crucial aspects is implementing cleaner, safer, cashless payments through solutions like ours, which also equip teams with data and customer insights that other payment methods can’t provide.”