Boost fan loyalty with personalised incentives

Tappit’s technology enables you to create rewards, incentives and hospitality packages.

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An efficient way to manage staff expenses

Remove the need for cash or paper vouchers at events

Tappit's technology can be used as a per diem allowance or reimbursement for event staff. Our voucher mechanic can be redeemed at kiosks, in lieu of funds, making management of staff catering even easier.

We work with your third parties

Tell us your partners, we’ll do the rest.

As a white label, we work with the major ticket providers, CRM systems, payment providers, loyalty schemes and more, so you don’t have to worry about the backend integration. Our technology slots in directly and then consolidates all the data insights.

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Enhanced customer analysis

Data analysis drives value

See how much fans are spending, and what they are spending it on. With Tappit, you’ll never have to guess what your fans like or don't like. You'll have the instant insights to see what drives engagement, loyalty and customer retention.

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Real-time reporting dashboard

For the first time, you can connect your data to gain a view of each and every fan — not just the ticket buyer. Understand how to build loyalty, engage fans and grow your bottom line.

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Tappit Insights suite

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