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With our cashless technology, the risk of transmitting infection is vastly reduced. Tappit eliminates the need for cash or cards and minimises human contact. Tappit’s contactless payments mean less time waiting in line and fewer belongings for staff and fans to handle.

What are fans thinking about Coronavirus?

Good news — fans want to return. But they want to be reassured and hygiene is now one of their biggest concerns. Going cashless can help you set a new standard for fan experience in the 'new normal'.

Why is going cashless more important than ever?

Rethinking the way we pay

COVID-19 is forcing everyone to take stock of how events are run. Safe distances, readily available sanitisers and ways to minimise contact are now prime considerations. Across retail and transport systems, we are seeing a major shift in payments; businesses are going cashless at a rapid rate. Not just because cash is a potential source of contamination, but there are risks associated with PIN terminals, queuing to pay and using bank cards.

Why is going cashless more important than ever?

Going cashless made Wake Up Call better in a number of ways, as it allowed for a greater flow throughout the event, amongst other things. The Tappit team was very forthright and knowledgeable from implementation to execution.

Dave Magill,
Manager, WET Deck / W Dubai - The Palm

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