Easy and effective access control

Everything you need from ticket scanning to zone management

Simple, effective ticket scanning

Simple, effective ticket scanning

Get your fans into the event quickly and automatically link funds to their tickets

Link ticket scanning to wristband top ups with our fully integrated access control.

Seamlessly control zones within your event

Seamlessly control zones within your event

Letting fans experience the event

From VIPs to backstage, Tappit can provide zonal management solutions to make sure the right people get to the right places.

Monitor ticket sales and top-ups

Monitor ticket sales and top-ups

Get insights into fan behaviour

With Tappit you can see how many of your fans are activating before and during the event.

Third party integration

Third party integration

Tappit links with all major ticket sellers

It doesn’t matter where your fans buy their tickets, with Tappit we can integrate the data, scan and validate tickets.

Get your fans in faster

Tappit specialises in fan experience and making sure that fans spend more time enjoying the event.

Eliminate fraud

The Tappit system can eliminate fraud across your event. With ticket validation at entry and RFID cashless payments with the event you’re entirely secure.

Easy to implement

There’s no complicated set up for Tappit. Provide us the details of your ticketing partner and we can take care of the rest.

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