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Ten must-do tips to take your food and drink event cashless

If you’re about to take your food and drink event cashless there are a few things you can do to make the transition seamless and successful…

Drive pre-event top ups

One of the things we see at F&B events is that attendees underestimate the amount they end up spending. Make sure you let them know this long before the event. There’s nothing worse than queuing to top-up.

Pre-event communication

Make sure your audience is aware that you’re cashless. Although it’s an easy-to-use system, make sure everyone knows how to use the cashless system in advance. You’ll run into fewer issues by planning and executing a thought-out communication strategy.

Make sure vendors are trained

The Tappit cashless system is incredibly easy to use. A 15-minute training session will ensure that all vendors know what’s what so attendees see the full value of cashless.


Alongside training, make sure your staff and vendors are aware of common issues. Even the most reliable kit can freeze, think of your mobile – every now and then you need to turn it off and on again. Avoid panic and instil confidence by making sure everyone knows how simple it is to fix these things.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Before your event, you’ll have visions of carefully planned funnels of attendees, all snaking through your venue and seeing everything that’s on offer. Vendors will be on top form and everything will work like clockwork.

Then you open and attendees dawdle, double back and otherwise disregard your carefully prepared set up. Likewise for vendors, some are late, others run out of stock – but you know what? It’s ok, none of your attendees knew about your glorious vision. For them, it’s all come off and they’re having a great time – so should you!

Signage, signage, signage

If you want someone to see something you have to show it to them multiple times. There’s so much distraction at events that if someone isn’t actively looking for something, they won’t see it. Make sure you over-sign. If it feels uncomfortable, you’re at the sweet spot. It might feel like overkill, but your audience will thank you. Let them know where they can top up, cash out, go to the toilet, and get more food and drink!

Access control

Getting people in and out of your event safely and efficiently is incredibly important. It’s one of the first impressions you set. Plan your entrance early, and make sure you have plenty of space. Multiple lanes and plenty of room for ticket exchange will make sure your audience get in and use cashless as smoothly as possible.

Use your data

If you have a multi-day event (that’s connected to reliable wifi), make sure you review your end-of-day data. You’ll get a quick view of what is working really well and what might need improving. You may not be able to move vendors, but you can move staff and signage!

If it’s just a single day event, make sure you review when planning your next event. You’ll have valuable data on vendor sales, meaning you can attribute true value – and therefore pitch cost – for your next event.

Don’t compromise

The most successful cashless events are just that because they are 100% cashless. You may find that there are questions from vendors and your audience alike as to why they can’t use cash or tokens. Stick to your guns – you’ve made this decision for your audience and event as a whole, they’ll thank you after!

Don’t overcomplicate it

Ultimately, going cashless is easy. It’s easy to think that it’s some huge upheaval, but it simply isn’t the case. Ultimately your audience is still paying for things and your vendors are still getting paid, they’re just both doing it quicker. Plus the Tappit team is here to make sure it’s implemented seamlessly.

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