Tappit Talks with the Jacksonville Jaguars: Going cashless – The fans’ response

Chad Johnson of the Jacksonville Jaguars explains why 2020 was the ideal time to take the TIAA Bank Field cashless with our white label mobile pay solution – Jags Pay

Video transcript

Mobile ticketing and mobile payments are on the increase

Many teams, if not all teams here in the United States are going to mobile tickets as well. They’re no longer having paper tickets, which is forcing fan behaviour to adopt the technology already. So now they’re going to be less resistant to add layers like a mobile payment solution on top of that because they’re being forced into having to adopt that.

And the Jacksonville Jaguars have one of the oldest average age of season ticket members in the NFL. So then you would go ‘That might be an audience that would be very resistant’ to getting involved and entering into the technology. We had the conversations in advance but we were bullish to move forward. And we were met with very little resistance. we anticipated a lot. And were not met with a lot of resistance, in fact we were met with a lot of excitement.

Personalising the fans experience

For me to be able to now, through this JagPay and Tappit solution; For me to be able to serve an offer to the fan sitting in seat 1 that says ‘Go and get a Pepsi, it’s a discount for you for being a loyal fan’ and the person next to you gets ‘Go and get a Budweiser because you’re a loyal fan’ Because I know what’s relevant and I’m no longer serving them up something that’s not valuable.

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