Tappit Talks: The 365 stadium challenge

Multi-use sports venues who run events outside of game season, pose a particular challenge for those who want to understand more about their venue attendees. Jason Thomas, Tappit’s Global CEO discusses how using a combination of cashless solutions can solve this issue and allow you to cross sell too.

The multi-use sport stadium challenge

If you’re going to have that 365-day stadium challenge you really need to have a myriad of cashless solutions. I know some NFL clubs where outside of the season they will have events straight after the NFL season; it might be a Rodeo as an example.

Well rodeo fans are not going to use the app of the NFL but what they may use is a wristband very specifically branded for the Rodeo. 

That would mean Chad [Johnson – Jacksonville Jaguars] would be able to pull in that data from events outside of the Jags games. It gives you a really good idea of the demographic differences and the individual behaviour differences of those kinds of fans.

Cross-sell events to your customers

What of course that then means is you can really look to convert those visitors who aren’t coming to the NFL game but are coming to other events. You can look at how you can get them to come to the NFL games and then vice versa. 

And it might be that you can see they drink Bud or whatever so why not offer them a free Bud if they come to an NFL game.

So that idea of being able to capture that data no matter what type of event comes into your venue is actually a really key element to having a myriad of different cashless solutions

Again touching upon what Chad [Johnson – Jacksonville Jaguars] said about having an older demographic – no matter what your demographic is hopefully you can find a solution that’s going to be palatable to the fan.

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