Tappit Talks: How to drive sales for your sponsors with cashless payments

Implementing cashless solutions gives you access to rich customer data and insights. In this video, Chad Johnson of the Jacksonville Jaguars explains how you can harness this customer data to maximise your sponsorship opportunities.

Video transcript

Rich customer data is the key

If a certain sponsor has a targeted demographic they’re trying to reach or trying to grow in a certain silo, I can use this data and market to those people. 

If I try to convert somebody that doesn’t behave a certain way and get them to then I get to show them through real data that I’m making an impact. 

So if we wanted to run a marketing campaign and in the stadium I do a special offer and then I can track not only the quantity of items that were sold but who they were sold to and then go back and retarget, that’s the piece that they were missing. 

Targeting goes beyond the stadium

They knew how many Budweisers were sold in the stadium, they did not know who was buying them and what they looked like demographically and how they behaved outside the stadium. 

We could target them in the stadium then know who they are and understand what the behaviours are like out of the stadium through demographic profiling. 

Then message them so that they carry on with those behaviours whether they are at restaurants, concerts, other venues or just out in the general marketplace. 


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