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The power of data in the hands of event organisers and venues

Tappit Insights gives you immediate access to in-depth analysis of spending and behavioural trends through easy-to-read reports

You can use the analysis available with Tappit to save on cost, reduce overheads and get closer to your audience. Unlike contactless payment systems, this data actually connects you to your fans. See who is spending what, when and where; do a deep dive on your inventory and product offerings; evaluate your staffing allocation; personalise marketing based on previous purchasing behaviour. Whatever your goals, data can help you achieve them.

Giving you data and insights that traditional payment methods don't.

Tappit differs from other payment solutions in that we provide transparent transaction data. Visa, Mastercard, Apple and Google Pay don't provide this information. Want to know the differences between cashless and contactless?

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Executive Summary

Instant access to sales and transaction statistics in real time.

Our easy-to-read Executive Summary gives you instant access to the most important statistics for your event. With one quick snapshot, you can check the health of your event and see how all the important areas are performing. Ahead of time, you can understand how much has been loaded up and when, meaning you can get a clear view of customers and their planned spend. During the event you can understand product demand, traffic and see load and spend. You'll never have to wonder about how your audience is moving and interacting with your event - you'll know.

Event Analysis

See how your fans’ spending behaviour changes over time

With intuitive visuals, you'll be able to quickly see how your fans are spending their money. You can improve your event in real-time by analysing the volume of transactions taking place and making it easier for fans to engage with your event. With this report, you can correlate important transaction behaviour with what's happening on the ground and adapt to improve the experience.

Spend Analysis

Providing granular vendor and product level sales data

Not only can you see how fans are spending, now you can see where they are spending it on. Manage vendors and stock to improve fan experience. You'll never have to wonder what your fans like or don't like anymore. You'll be able to see trends and manage your stock as needed. You'll also be able to truly ascertain the value of vendors and concession stands and even compare them to your other events.

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