Tappit Talks with the Jacksonville Jaguars: going cashless with mobile pay

Chad Johnson, Chief Content Officer for the Jacksonville Jaguars and CEO of Tappit, Jason Thomas discuss their new partnership with Joe Streeter, News Editor at Payment Expert.

Why go cashless with Tappit mobile pay

In this excerpt, Chad Johnson  explains how the partnership with Tappit came about, why they decided to go with our #mobilepay solution, and how The Jags utilise fan data to improve business performance, the fan experience and drive engagement.

Video transcript

First I think it’s important to know that these conversations happened well before the COVID outbreak had happened. So we were engaging with Tappit to look at some solutions, multiple solutions actually.

Collect data on guests who didn’t purchase a ticket directly

One. We’re all still trying to solve for who is actually in our stadiums. We know the ticket buyer data but we don’t always know who their guests are and other things. One solution Tappit provides is; I might know somebody that’s in my stadium that didn’t purchase a ticket but is here as a guest and therefore they become a prospect for us in the future because I can track their payments that they’re making through the stadium.

Use this customer data to create a unique experience for every fan

Two. We are a very heavy data-driven company. But I once heard somebody say that ‘We are drowning in data but starving for insight’ and that is something that I believe Tappit also helps us with is understanding and having insight more into a customer experience.

So that while they’re in the stadium I can customise that experience for them in a way that’s very relevant. I can understand what they purchase, when they purchase, where they purchase and therefore create a very unique experience for every single fan that’s different than the person who might be sitting next to them.

And I look at and compare some things like my experience on Amazon making a purchase is going to be very different to your experience on Amazon making a purchase. Because it’s picking up your past behaviours and understanding and customising that experience.

So through Tappit I should be able to do that with my customers as well and as I walk them through the purchase journey they can have a very customised experience.

Cashless payments and COVID

And COVID really just helped speed up us deciding that it’s time to move forward and get along because it adds that next layer of safety security cashless transactions and less contact points.

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