Get closer to your fans.

Understand your audience - they are more than just a number.

Make your fans the most important part of your event

Make your fans the most important part of your event

Build better relationships

The data and insights going cashless gives you, enables you to truly understand your customer and what is valuable to them before, during and after the event. Never miss an opportunity to connect with them.

Optimise your event

Optimise your event

Incentivise and reward loyalty.

Through understanding purchase patterns, Tappit helps you understand how to incentivise, target and increase sales at times and locations that work for you.

Improve your event by knowing more

Improve your event by knowing more

Gamify the fan experience

Make the event fun, reward behaviours and track impact. Make the data and insight you get, add value to your event’s success.

Use your data to understand your fans

Use your data to understand your fans

Accurate and real-time audience behaviour analysis

Understand how to influence customer behaviour and attract the right people at the right time.

In-the-know from the get-go.

From the moment your customers enter your event, they can receive up-to-date information and offers via email or app push notifications.

Give fans the deals they actually want.

When you can see what your fans like, you can send them offers and promotions for those items. No more coupons that don't get used.

Never disappoint your fans in the queue.

With enhanced consumer data, you can ensure you stock enough of the best products. Menus with crossed off items could be a thing of the past.

Connect your fans with their favourite brands.

Allow your fans to engage with event partners and sponsors with a tap of your card or wristband. No need for lengthy data capture for fans to capitalise on festival freebies.

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