The importance of fan engagement and adoption – part 2

I’ve written a lot about adoption so far, but what about engagement? Of course all of what we’ve discussed in the last blog will lead to engagement, but how do you ensure your fanbase really engages with your brand? Sometimes it’s not just monetary activity that drives engagement, it’s creativity. Fans are passionate and will engage with anything that brings them closer to their club in an authentic and genuine manner. 


Before we get into the topic this part two on this topic, you can read part one here.


One way to drive engagement is through creative sponsorship activation. Manchester City and their partner Xylem created beer from rainwater that had collected at the stadium called “Raining Champions”. This activation celebrates the team’s success while organically tying in the partner’s own brand mission of water usage. The limited edition brew gives fans an added opportunity to engage with the Man City brand.


Another example of fan engagement through sponsorship activation, the Dallas Cowboys launched an amazing AR experience with their “pose with the pros” feature, brought to life by communications provider (and stadium naming rights holder) AT&T through their new stadium-wide 5G network. The futuristic take on the classic photo booth quickly went viral when it was launched – fans could pose beside their favourite players for a photo to share on social media, not only increasing engagement on site but also creating a natural peer-to-peer/influencer marketing strategy.


Beyond sponsorship activation, clubs have recognised the relationship between fan experience and brand loyalty. Tottenham Hotspurs have created a full match day experience with a craft brewery on site and live gigs after the football. With the rising cost of watching a live game, Tottenham has identified that it’s the experience of the day that’s going to keep fans coming back. With so many live matches available at home, it’s incredibly important to make sure that the experience that’s provided is unforgettable, and by creating an enticing atmosphere for pre- and post-match festivities, the Hotspurs have extended the amount of time that fans will engage in-stadium. Oh, and did we mention that the Tottenham stadium is cashless?


And finally, while I mentioned this in Part I, it’s probably worth reiterating – the value of targeted and personalised marketing cannot be understated when it comes to getting fans to more actively engage with your brand. Whether you push tailored offers through your fan app or you use your loyalty programme to incentivise purchases, using your consumer data to speak directly to individual fans will help them develop a closer relationship with your brand.


What do all of these have in common? Creativity and the desire to deliver. There’s a myriad of ways to engage your fans and increase adoption, you just need to be proactive.


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