Minimise the risk of COVID-19 by going cashless.

In these unprecedented times, going cashless minimises contact and reduces queues, helping reassure fans and staff alike.

Reassure fans in challenging times.

Reassure fans in challenging times.

Reduce contact

No ticket or credit card exchange, no PIN terminals or communal pens. Transactions are made at a suitable distance, enhancing safety of staff and fans from Coronavirus.

Minimise risk of transmission.

Minimise risk of transmission.

No more dirty cash.

Viruses can last on bank notes for up to 17 days. Keep your event as safe and risk-free as possible. Your fans will thank you for it.

Support social distancing.

Support social distancing.

Minimise queues

Going cashless reduces queues and makes transactions 80% faster. Less time for your fans to be waiting in close proximity and making buying safer and easier.

Improving the bottom line.

Improving the bottom line.

Reduce costs and increase profits.

Coronavirus has put incredible pressure on the events industry. Budgets are tight and revenues are key to survival in tough times. Going cashless with Tappit increases takings by 22% on average , theft and fraud are reduced and the system lessens operational overheads around cash management.

What are fans thinking about Coronavirus?

The good news is that fans want to return. But they want to be reassured - and hygiene is now one of their biggest concerns. Going cashless can help you set a new standard for fan experience in the 'new normal'.

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“Going cashless made Wake Up Call better in a number of ways, as it allowed for a greater flow throughout the event, among other things. The Tappit team was very forthright and knowledgeable from implementation to execution.”

Dave Magill
Manager, WET Deck / W Dubai - The Palm

Why cashless is more important than ever.

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