Go cashless and take control of your event

By choosing to go cashless, you get to understand and control your data. It’s easy, fast and will increase your bottom line.

Make your fans the most important part of your event

Make your fans the most important part of your event

Improve customer experience

Going cashless reduces queues, makes payment fast and simple, reduces the risk of theft and helps fans to spend more time enjoying the event.

Streamline your event

Streamline your event

Increase profitability

Going cashless with Tappit increases takings by 22% on average and can make transactions 80% faster. Theft and fraud are reduced and the system lessens operational overheads around cash management.

Improve your event by knowing more

Improve your event by knowing more

Understand and control your data

The biggest advantage of going cashless? You get to understand and control your data. Find out who spent what, when and where as well as what works and what doesn’t. The data brings you closer to your fans and helps you make the best business decisions. You don’t get this with contactless!

It's faster to set up than you think

It's faster to set up than you think

Fast and easy-to-implement

No massive infrastructure needed, no huge tech integration. Tappit is a simple, easy system with a passionate and experienced team to support you every step of the way.

Cashless improves the fan experience

Never miss a moment

Going cashless speeds up transactions and reduces queues, making the event memorable for all the right reasons.

Camp Bestival

Keep your money safe

A simple wristband or card means less to carry and less to lose. The Tappit system makes going to an event safer and easier. Spend more time having fun and less time worrying about your bags.

IMS Ibiza

Top up online or on site

The easy-to-use system allows you to take charge of your budget. Top up ahead of time or onsite. By loading your card, you can easily track spending (often through a user-friendly online portal that allows you to monitor your account transactions).

It’s simple to use

One tap and you’ve made your purchase. Easy. No waiting for WiFi or fiddling with loose change.

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“It was great to have the Tappit system to integrate with our partners. With the data collected, we learned from fans and could easily see many people were getting involved with the activations.”

Heather Ludlam​
Supporters Club Manager, City Football Marketing

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