Cashless Stadium Pioneers

Birmingham City FC

"Having a cashless solution has been really beneficial for BCFC. We’re starting to get a much better understanding of our fanbase. Partnering with Tappit has also added another level of credentials to us as a football club - BCFC is proud to say that we’ve gone cashless, and it’s enhanced our reputation as a club."

Ian Dutton
Chief Commercial Officer

The need

Above all, BCFC wanted to deliver a maximum-quality experience to their fans. The long queues at kiosks around the stadium meant that many fans were completely foregoing concessions purchases to avoid missing any of the action. In addition, BCFC did not feel they were collecting the necessary data to understand their fans’ consumer behaviour.

The solution

BCFC introduced and improved entry system and cashless experience called Blues Fastpay utilising Tappit’s easy-to-use RFID technology. With this implementation, season ticket holders can enter the stadium and make purchases at kiosks and at the Blues Store all with one card.

Speed of service. Going cashless with Tappit allowed kiosk staff to process transactions at a much faster rate. Rather than fumbling with cash or waiting for complicated credit card transactions to process, BCFC fans could simply tap their card, take their refreshments and get back to the match.

Reporting. Through working with Tappit, BCFC now collects a much wider breadth of consumer data, enabling a greater understanding of their customers and spending habits.

Competitive clout. BCFC wanted to be at the forefront of cashless technology. An early adopter of the cashless experience in the sporting industry, BCFC was able to promote their partnership with Tappit as forward-thinking and fan-centric.

The Results

Since implementing Blues Fastpay as a permanent solution at home matches, BCFC has recognised many benefits of the cashless experience for both fans and the organisation.

Improved fan experience. Whereas fans previously avoided concession kiosks due to long queues, matchday attendees can now make transactions quickly and seamlessly so they can get back to the stands faster than before.

Greater data and insights. Prior to going cashless, BCFC only collected a small amount of usable data, such as the quantity of a particular item sold throughout the day. Now, BCFC has a much clearer picture of consumer spending habits inside the stadium, including consumer trends throughout the season. BCFC can also identify their top spenders and market to targeted segments based on spending behaviour.

Increased profits. Faster transaction times create the opportunity for more transactions throughout the match, ultimately leading to increased profits.