10 Ways to Use RFID at Your Winter Event

All I want for Christmas is RFID integration.


Yes. We know it’s July, but hear us out – it’s never too early to start planning your winter event.


Whether you’re hosting a small Christmas market or a massive Winter Wonderland, RFID can help you improve your customer experience and gain valuable insights to reduce costs, drive profit and engage with your customers. 


Here are 10 ways you can incorporate RFID into your winter event.


1. Cashless payments


Queues for Glühwein and the skating rink are about to move faster than Santa’s reindeer on Red Bull. With just the tap of a wristband, your guests will be able to purchase their refreshments, gifts or attraction tickets, eliminating the need for WiFi connectivity or cash handling.




2. VIP areas


Want a special place for your VIPs to get out of the cold? How about a staging area for your employees? Make zone management simple and secure with RFID wristbands.


3. Cloakroom management


We all know the pain of misplacing our coat check ticket or being stuck in a massive queue to collect your belongings on your way out. With RFID, simply tap to display your coat check number. RFID streamlines the process and cuts down on waste from paper or plastic claim tickets.


4.  Package deals


Make your winter event even more special with package offerings. Include show admission, attraction tickets, food and beverage vouchers and spending money all on one wristband. You can even sell a limited number of “fast track” tickets for families who don’t want to wait in the queues.



5. ID verification


Whenever alcohol is being served, liability is a concern. With RFID wristbands, you can integrate age information and food allergy restrictions so that they’re clearly displayed when a customer taps at the transaction point.


6. Social media integration


Reach prospective customers through social media engagement. At various attractions or tap points throughout your venue, your customers can tap to share their experience at your event with their network.


7. Photo opportunities


It wouldn’t be the festive season without Santa’s grotto pictures. At any of the photo opportunities at your event, customers can tap their wristband to have their picture emailed directly.



8. Sponsorship activation


RFID wristbands give you another highly-visible sponsorship opportunity for your partners. Not only will a sponsor be able to add their logo to the wristband to increase your revenue, but customers can also tap to interact with any sponsors activating onsite.


9. Gamification


Immerse your guests by gamify-ing your venue. Maybe your guests can collect points to be added to Santa’s “Nice” list and earn a prize. Perhaps you can create a “12 Days of Christmas”-themed scavenger hunt. The opportunities are endless, but one thing is for sure – gamification makes events memorable.


10. Child safety


Especially for large family events, child safety is a key concern. With RFID wristbands, you can load contact information onto the wristbands so staff members can easily reunite children with their guardians.



Best of luck planning your winter event!

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